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Naturally grown weddingflowers

At Tante Fin, I believe that floral styling no longer needs to be classical, rigid, and predictable. I strive for natural, lush creations that reflect your individuality. Ideally, I prefer working with locally grown flowers that possess a unique character.

Eline & Jonas

I was so delighted with such a top-notch florist. Thank you for the beautiful flowers! 😊


Thank you for the incredibly fantastic workshop! We're already recommending you ;).

Caroline & Jens

Thank you once again for the beautiful flowers and excellent arrangement.

How I work

Planning a wedding is a hefty task with numerous challenges... I assist you in organizing your flowers so that you can enjoy your day carefreely!

1. Introduction


During a 30-minute conversation, we will determine if there is a match. Use my Pinterest as inspiration.

2. Check-in


A month before your wedding day, I will send an email requesting the final concrete details so that everything can run smoothly on the big day.

3. Let's do it!

Let's do it!

The week before your wedding day, I will place an order for the flowers with a local flower grower, ensuring they are at their best on the day itself.

4. The Big Day

The Big Day

You just need to enjoy. We take care of the delivery and complete installation of all the flowers on-site, anywhere in Belgium.

The Flowers

Natural Beauty

My heart lies in working with locally grown flowers, with a touch of uniqueness, in harmony with what nature has to offer at that moment.

You are my ideal customer if, like me, you appreciate the unpredictable and playful character that flowers radiate.


I am convinced that when you trust your own inner nature, your unique beauty truly shines.

This can happen during a creative workshop or on your wedding day. You are unique, so feel free to do your own thing!

Romantic & Playful

I am convinced that floral styling no longer needs to be necessarily classical, rigid, and predictable, but rather can evoke the romance of English gardens: envision natural, lush creations that radiate a playful and unpredictable charm.

over mij

About Tante Fin

I (Soetkin) grew up in an artistic environment, surrounded by the exquisite nature. There, I discovered the beauty of imperfection and the art of creating coziness.

I believe that floral styling no longer needs to be traditional, rigid, and predictable. We opt for natural, lush creations that mirror your individuality. I prefer working with locally grown flowers that possess a unique character.

I look forward to collaborations that put your unique individuality at the center.

At Tante Fin, you'll find a place where the untamed beauty of nature and your creativity are set free to roam.

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