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When do you send out a "save the date"?

5 tips for your "save the date" cards

Send out your save the date cards approximately 6 months before your wedding.

Planning a summer wedding? Don't delay, send out those save the dates pronto! With vacations and calendars filling up fast, it's like booking tickets to the hottest show in town - you've got to snag them early! Get a jumpstart so your nearest and dearest can mark their calendars and join in on your big day festivities. And if your wedding bells chime outside of the summer season, no worries! Just remember, timing is everything. Waiting too long might mean your wedding gets lost in the shuffle of busy schedules. So, let's get those dates saved and the celebrations started!

Pop the bubbly and hold off on those save the dates until your wedding date is set in stone!

When you've decided to tie the knot, the excitement is palpable, and you're itching to shout it from the rooftops! But hold your horses just a tad until you've secured the perfect venue and locked in that dream wedding date. Trust me, it's worth the wait to ensure everything's set in place before spreading the word!"

Keep your save the dates short and sweet!

Save the dates don't need to be packed with details. Just include your names and wedding date, and optionally, the venue. Simple and to the point!"

Send your save the dates exclusively to guests who will definitely be invited.

Make sure to send the save the dates only to guests you're absolutely sure will be on the invite list. Think close family and best buds!

What's your flower lover story? Because getting married is essentially a big celebration of your story, what brings you together, and what makes you "the couple of the day." But how do you give your celebration that special touch and ensure it becomes a cherished memory?

These days, there are plenty of fun things you can do with Canva, but is it really personal enough? After all, you wouldn't want your wedding logo to look like that of the coffee shop around the corner, right? A picture is worth a thousand words, and that's a bit of an old saying, but it's true. I'd love to capture your story with a few special watercolor illustrations. You can use these on all your printed materials, like the menu, name cards, and welcome sign. And because I'm a florist, I know your color combination like no other! :)

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